The Legacy Tower is the last standing structure from the original West Coast Surf Shop property, established by Norm and Bev Primeau after moving from Rochester, Michigan. It symbolizes resilience and the enduring legacy of community and business on Ft Myers Beach.

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The Legacy Tower is the last remaining structure from the original West Coast Surf Shop estate on Ft Myers Beach. It stands as a symbol of resilience and history, preserving the entrepreneurial spirit of the Primeau family and their impact on the local community.

Despite the widespread devastation caused by Hurricane Ian, the Legacy Tower withstood the storm due to its sturdy construction and strategic location. Its survival has made it an even more cherished landmark, symbolizing the community’s strength and endurance.

Over the years, the Legacy Tower has been more than just a retail location; it has been a center of community life, hosting events, supporting local activities, and serving as a gathering place for both locals and visitors. Its presence has contributed significantly to the social and economic fabric of Ft Myers Beach.

While maintaining its historical essence, the Legacy Tower has undergone various updates to accommodate the changing needs of the community and to enhance its resilience against natural disasters. These improvements have ensured that the tower remains a safe and welcoming place for everyone.

The mural was inspired by the need to revitalize Times Square after the destruction caused by Hurricane Ian. Chris Primeau envisioned a project that would transform a plain elevator shaft into a vibrant symbol of hope and resilience, executed by local artists Lacy McClary and Summer DeSalvo.

Lacy McClary and Summer DeSalvo, both deeply affected by Hurricane Ian, contributed their skills to create the mural. McClary’s work features a giant seahorse, representing good fortune, while DeSalvo’s portion includes baby sea turtles and a shrimp boat, symbolizing the community’s enduring spirit and heritage.

The project was primarily funded through a GoFundMe campaign initiated by Chris Primeau, raising $13,577 towards a $15,000 goal. This community-backed effort covered the costs of equipment and supplies needed to bring the mural to life.

La Ola surf side bar and restaurant, located near the Legacy Tower, provides a dynamic atmosphere with live entertainment. It’s a popular spot for both locals and tourists, offering a variety of dining options and a lively social scene.